Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Allocated Pension vs Lump Sum

As we see it, the first question one needs to address as a LOP is what you do with your accumulated Superannuation once you retire.

The normal action is to provide an "Income Stream" via an Allocated Pension or similar, but one can also take a [part] Lump Sum to provide "goodies" like a new car, boat, caravan etc, or just leave [part of] it as Superannuation [and take Lump Sums later?].

All these options attract different TESTING regimes against [any] Aged Pension entitlement. So we see the first logical exercise in your Plan is to decide on the CAPITAL amount of Allocated Pension.

So to allow you to compare apples with apples we have set up the Input Tables to allow you to try different amounts of Capital while checking the effect on Aged Pension.